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September 5, 2012
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"Mama?" piped little Daphnes from his chair, upon which he sat backwards on his knees with his arms on the back.

Zelda turned, placing the cup of sugar she was about to pour into the mixing bowl back on the countertop.  "What is it, Daphnes?"

"I've got a question."  The six-year-old furrowed his brow in deep thought.  "If grown-ups come from kids, and kids come from babies..." he returned his gaze to his mother.  "...then where do the babies come from?"

Nearly dropping her wooden spoon in shock, Zelda froze.  Goddesses, she knew this question would be asked one day - she just hadn't thought it'd be asked so soon!  Turning her head to hide her surprise, she mulled over what she and her husband had discussed; though there were some secrets Daphnes must never know for his own safety, they had wanted to be as honest as possible with him.  But how was she going to answer his question in a way he'd understand?

"...Mama?  Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes, Sweetie, I'm fine!"  Zelda faced her son with a warm smile.  "Well, you see, making a baby is a really complicated process -- " she stopped herself briefly when her baking supplies gave her an idea, then continued slightly more confidently, " -- but, to put it simply, it's kind of like baking a cake!"

Daphnes tilted his head.  "Really?  How?"

Zelda finished pouring the sugar.  "You know how when Mama bakes, she has to mix together a bunch of ingredients?  It's the same with making a baby."  She took an egg from another bowl and showed it to the boy.  "You take one ingredient from a mother," she cracked the egg into the mix, discarded the shell, and grabbed a cup of milk to show off, "and one from a father," she poured the milk in and began stirring again, "and put them together, just like this!"

"And then the baby is made?"

"Well, no, there's more to it than that."  Having finished her mix, she poured the cake batter into a circular pan.  "Once the ingredients from the mother and father are mixed, they go into a special part of the mother's tummy."  To illustrate, she donned a mitt, opened the stone door of their blazing clay oven, and slide the cake inside.  "Then, you wait for the baby to grow - it's just like putting this cake in the oven."

Daphnes' eyes widened as he seemed to grasp the concept of a baby developing inside of its mother.  "Wow...  How long does it take for the baby to be done?  As long as a cake?"

Zelda laughed and shook her head.  "No, Honey, it takes a lot longer than that.  You have to wait about nine months before it comes out."

"Nine months!?" cried the boy, "That's almost forever!"

"Although," said Zelda, her finger tapping her chin in thought, "come to think of it, you came out of Mama a little early."

Her son's look of shock turned into a look of pure terror.  "You mean I wasn't done yet!?"

"No, no, you were plenty done!"  Zelda tried not to show her amusement as he walked over to him, placing her hands on his cheeks affectionately.  "You just came out a little sick, that's all.  But you got all better, so everything turned out all right."

Daphnes seemed relieved.  "That's good," he said with a sigh.

A knock at the door got their attention, and Daphnes immediately know who it was.  "Papa's home!" he cried as he lept out of the chair and went to greet him.  He stretched his arm to open the door, greeting his father with a big smile and outstretched hands.  Grinning, Link swept the boy up in his arms effortlessly, letting him wrap his small arms around his neck.

"Hey, buddy," chuckled Link before sniffing the air.  "Something smells good - what have you and Mama been up to, huh?"

Daphnes' eyes sparkled with excitement as he blurted out his answer.  "Mama showed me how babies were made!"

Link's face grew pale and his mouth hung agape.  His eyes darted to his wife, who could no longer contain her amusement and burst into giggles.

"I-It's not what you think, Link," she reassured him, "honest!"

He let out a breath of relief and a sheepish chuckle.  "R-Right, right, I trust you."  He turned to his son.  "Want to tell me what Mama told you?  I bet she'll be really impressed if you remember everything."

"Okay!"  Daphnes began gesturing with his hands, mimicking his mother's baking movements.  "She said that making a baby is like making a cake; first you gotta get the ingredients from a mama and a papa, and then..."
One of a series of shorts involving Papa Link, Mama Zelda, and their children, conceptualized first by the ever lovely :iconferi-san: and kind of expanded upon between the two of us. :D

View the rest of the stories here, and Feri's wonderful sketches of the family here! Also, Feri now has an ask blog on Tumblr with even more family goodness, which you can find here!


About time I wrote more of these! So I was helping Feri proofread something for her ask blog (which you should GO VISIT if you haven't already) and this came to mind. Poor Zelda and Link. :P
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QueenieZ Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
The way Feri's been developing him though (he's primarily her character; I'm like his 'Aunt' of sorts haha) he's quite a handful, what with running off to go on ADVENTURES!! or just running around the house naked pretending to be a loftwing XD
Kit-n-Kachi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
Even THAT sounds so cute! :D
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This. Was. So. Sweet.

LOVE it <3 <3
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