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January 20, 2012
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They say that parents quickly learn to attend to the cries of their children.  This would explain why Link, who was known for his heavy sleeping and who was quite a challenge to wake up in the mornings, instantly shot open his eyes when he heard little Daphnes' familiar wail.  Of course, Zelda had heard it, too, but they had established that, barring circumstances, they would alternate taking care of the little boy when he cried in the night, and she had been the one to do it the night before.

After sitting up and rubbing the sleep away from his eyes, Link gave his wife a look signifying that he had the situation under control (or so he hoped).  Then, he pulled himself out of bed and walked over to the other side of the house, where the baby lay in a tearful heap in his crib.  The hero-turned-father smiled sadly as he picked him up.

"What's the matter?" he asked in a quiet voice, holding his son to his shoulder and patting his back.  "It's okay, I got you."

Daphnes seemed to calm down slightly at his father's touch, but he still let out a series of pathetic sounding sobs.  Therefore, Link began running through the mental checklist he'd established just for times like this - first, check his diaper.  He felt the front and pulled the back open; no, he was dry, just like he was when they put him to bed.

Step two was to walk around with him for a little bit.  Babies, he had discovered, were needy creatures who would fall to pieces over being left alone for too long (something Zelda had remarked was uncannily similar to him, much to his embarrassment).  So he walked in circles around the house for a few minutes, bouncing his son a little in his arms.  However, Daphnes continued to cry, so he concluded that it wasn't a lonely cry after all.

He glanced over to the kitchen area and eyes the small, ice-filled box where they stored a few already-prepared bottles.  Step three, see if he would eat something.  He walked over and grabbed one, shaking it around a bit, mixing around the apparently highly nutritious combination of milk, water, and… other stuff, he wasn't exactly sure what Luv and Bertie put in it.  But the baby seemed to enjoy it, so he sat down and cradled him in his left arm and tried to feed him with his right, but Daphnes snatched the bottle from his hand and began to feed himself before he could.

Link laughed a little.  "Guess you were hungry!"

The baby moved his eyes to meet his father's as he continued to feed furiously from his bottle.  Link couldn't help but grin from ear to ear at the sight.  He was a handsome little fellow who Zelda said looked just like him, but, honestly, he thought the exact opposite.  In his mind, Daphnes was the spitting image of his mother, with her bright blonde hair and her big, beautiful blue eyes.  This made the little boy something of a symbol for him, representing everything he had ever gone through, both happy and sad, with his beloved Zelda, and when the two met eyes, a little voice in his mind would tell him that everything he had gone through in the past was more than worth it.

Not that he didn't love his son for his own merits - quite the opposite, in fact!  He didn't really understand how or why infants did what they did, but he was nevertheless amazed at how quickly he grew.  Seven months ago, he was this tiny, red, shriveled little thing, completely helpless and completely dependent.  Now, however, he had grown quite strong and could sit up, feed himself, and even scoot himself around the floor somewhat.  Soon enough, he figured, he'd be watching Daphnes learn to crawl, walk, and even talk, a prospect that filled him with fatherly pride just by thinking about it.

Yes, he loved his son, possibly more than anything else in this entire world - even when he finished his bottle and began to make gross burping sounds.  Link laughed again and began to pat his back.

"You look like your mother," he said in a hushed voice, "but that was definitely from me."

The baby burped again, a little gassy, but content.
One of a series of shorts involving Papa Link, Mama Zelda, and their son Daphnes, conceptualized first by the ever lovely :iconferi-san: and kind of expanded upon between the two of us. :D

View the rest of the stories here, and Feri's wonderful sketches of the family here!


So did you guys know that my major is in child development?

Well you do now, and needless to say I let it slip into my fanworks from time to time. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOW AWESOME BABIES ARE.

Also when he gets older he and his daddy are totally having burping contests. Groose can come too. ...Hell, I bet even Zelda could join after scolding them for being gross!
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